Dont risk it!

Smoke alarms save lives and what’s more without a smoke alarm your risk of dying in a house fire is up to three times higher. This is quite an alarming figure but the truth is a lot of fatalities could be avoided by having a modern smoke alarm fitted!

Under Australian law all units and homes in Perth must have a smoke alarm installed and it’s up to the property owner to make sure there is one present and working.

Smoke detectors

Generally speaking photoelectric smoke alarms are preferable to ionisation types as they work by ‘seeing’ smoke through the detection of visible particles of combustion. They’re not as prone to false alarms which are often caused when cooking because they detect fires which are smouldering and dense smoke. There are two kinds: 240 volt which connects to the electrical system of your house and has battery power supply back up and 9 volt which are battery operated smoke alarms that stand alone.


Megalite’s Perth electricians can supply and install smoke alarms hassle free, we can also make an assessment of your home to see how many smoke alarms are needed. Generally property owners think about smoke alarms when it’s time to sell the property, as it is now a legal requirement to have smoke alarm and RCD’s fitted in your Perth home


Smoke alarm checks

It’s all well and good having a smoke alarm installed but if it isn’t working then it’s of little use to anyone. Here are some tips on keeping your smoke alarm in good working order:

Be sure to check your battery on a monthly basis by pressing the test button. If it’s high up, then you can do this using a broom handle.
Keep your alarm clean as dust can interfere with it working properly.
Replace batteries at least once a year. In most models you’ll hear a short beep which sounds every minute, once your batteries are low.
Don’t disable the alarm if cooking sets it off. Instead open a window to clear it or fan it with a tea towel.
Never ever paint smoke alarms.
Do not remove batteries from your alarm.
Be sure to replace a smoke alarm before the date of expiry as listed on the manufacturer’s warranty.

Megalite has installed smoke detectors locally in como, south Perth, Victoria park and all over the Perth region, Our electricians know the importance of correct positioning, testing and maintenance to smoke alarms. Our expert Perth electricians also explain the importance of smoke detectors to clients on every install, and advise on the simple checks needed to maintain good working order.

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